Stowey Sutton Parish Council

Your Councillors

General correspondence for the Parish Council should be addressed to the Clerk.

Parish Councillors are available for an open surgery from 1915 until the meeting begins each month at the Methodist Hall, where parishioners may discuss any relevant matter without having to be formally involved in the meeting.

Mr Keith Betton
Mrs Heather Clewett
Vice Chair
Mrs Melisa Arnold
Stowey Sutton Parish Councillor
Mrs Liz Balmforth
Stowey Sutton Parish Councillor
Ms Elaine Daly
Stowey Sutton Parish Councillor
Mrs Liz Kingston
Stowey Sutton Parish Councillor
Mr John Knibbs
Stowey Sutton Parish Councillor
Miss Joanne Bryant 
01275 772 177
Stowey Sutton Parish Council,
PO Box 1290, Bristol, BS39 5XY
Victor Pritchard
District Councillor

Parish Council Appointments & Working Parties

Finance Working Party: Councillors Betton, Knibbs, Daly and Balmforth.

HR Working Party: Councillors Betton, Clewett, Gleave and Balmforth.

Public Engagement Working Party: Councillors Arnold, Clewett, Daly, Gleave and Kingston.

Internal Auditor: Ian Dagger.

Parish Council's Airport Association: Councillor Clewett.

Representative On TEGG Charity: Councillor Balmforth.

Cheque Signatories: Councillors Betton, Clewett, Daly, Knibbs & Balmforth.

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Stowey Sutton Parish Council